The chateau remained in the same family of ancient nobility JARNO  from the 1315 when it was constructed until the arising of French Revolution.

When Marc Joseph Jarno emigrated, Chateau Pont Jarno got sold as a national property.

A few years later, Marc Gabriel Augustin Jarno (son of Marc Joseph Jarno) bought the family property back.

Marc Gabriel Ausgustin Jarno.bequeathed Pont Jarno to his grandson Jacques Alexandre De Liniers who was the count of Buenos Aires in his own right. 

Napoleon made Jacques Alexandre de Liniers the viceroy of Buenos Aires.

Jacques Alexandre de Liniers redesigned the chateau as it was destroyed throughout the revolution to the present layout today.

The last two descendants of the branch from Joseph Athanase de Liniers (Florence and Chantal) sold the chateau in 2006.

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